Welcome to Willow Tree

Willow Tree is a Counselling and Psychotherapy and Supervision referral service providing access to a wide range of professional therapists and supervisors for the provision of therapeutic services to Individuals, Children Adolescents Couples and Families.

Sarah McAuley has helped her clients throughout the years to cope in crisis and deal with great loss, as well as advocate for them to find a greater sense of agency and freedom in their lives. Family, friendships,  love and work matter most in life. However,  how we relate to the world, ourselves and the dynamics of our relationships can also be responsible for causing a great deal of our suffering.  Sarah is dedicated in bringing her breadth of experience and expertise to her clients with the utmost confidentiality and compassion. No matter your personal circumstances, she can help you to relate and connect better with both yourself and others. 

All of the therapists working in Willow Tree are qualified, experienced and fully accredited.

Who can benefit from psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is more like a journey of self discovery and awareness. It is a more long term process and aims to bring more clarity and truth about one’s past and family history to light in order to alleviate the misery of trauma and distress whose roots have been buried deep in the unconscious brain structures of early childhood emotional development.

​Who can benefit from counselling?

Counselling is usually a more focused short term process that provides a supportive space in which to explore current difficulties e.g. bereavement , job loss, stress, school/ bullying and relationship issues.